JEE Advance also going to reduce their syllabus after CBSE has reduced!!

As we know due to COVID-19 all authority trying to cut the syllabus. CBSE already announced that about cut the syllabus. The CBSE is may going to remove the key topic s such as Law of motion optics, communication system and electronic device in physics. In chemistry topics such as P block elements and polymers have been done away, in mathematics 3D geometry, continuity theorem, differentiability have been removed and biology students would not be studying human physiology, reproduction and various other topic as per sources told to news agencies.

There are totally different the situation in the front of paper setters because revise the syllabus created this problem. The various education boards in India may continue the previous syllabus but CBSE has change the syllabus that cannot overlooked.

NTA director Vinit Joshi said that I will raise these concerns in front of Joint admission board (JAB), they have authority to take decision on this matter.

The director of IIT Delhi Ramgopal Rao said that we have to look at the content and change and put it before the committee and paper setter who need to know the certain parts of the syllabus are no longer included. He also told that next meeting we will discuss the proposal of format of exam, syllabus, social distancing during exam.

The IIT Delhi is conducting the JEE advance examination and assessing the effect of reduction of CBSE syllabus. Accordingly IIT Delhi will set the question for JEE advance examination.

The board exam and marks is also play very important role to get admission in IITs but this year IITs will be away from the board examination marks. This year several boards have decided to not conduct pending exam and device their own assessment scheme for pending examination marks.

As per the rule for admission in IITs students must have to score 75 percent marks or be the top 20 percentile of the class 12th Exam. There is some speculation to have effect on JEE Main & NEET entrance exam for medical and engineering courses after CBSE reduce their syllabus by 30%.

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