MBA Graduates’ Employability Increased as compared to Engineers

Well, there is no doubt that an MBA is gaining popularity year by year and some reports have proved it. MBA is the most sought after course because it occupies the top slot of options available after graduation for most of the students. MBA can be pursued by any graduate of any stream and this feature makes it the most preferred course which stands it out from the pool of other courses.

MBA students are considered as most employable graduates especially in India as compared to other graduates of other courses like,, and B.A, etc. According to the India Skills Report of 2019-2020, MBA Graduates are more employable than Engineers. As per the report of Wheebox, MBA graduates have taken up the first slot of most employable graduates with an increase of 14% from 40% to 54 % in last two years while the percentage for B.Tech/B.E graduates has dropped significantly from 57% to 49% this year in comparison with last year’s data.

Some reports have revealed the rising demand for MBA graduates over other graduates in their reports. These reports are a joint effort of AICTE, AIU, UNDP, Wheebox, CII, etc.

Employability of Graduates across different domains

Domains 2016(%) 2017(%) 2018(%) 2019(%) 2020(%)
MBA 44.56 42.28 39.4 36.44 54
B.Tech/B.E 52.58 50.69 51.52 57.09 49
B.A 27.11 35.66 37.39 29.3 48 20.58 37.98 33.93 30.06 47
B.Sc 35.24 31.76 33.62 47.37 34
MCA 39.81 31.36 43.85 43.19 25
Polytechnic 15.89 25.77 32.67 18.05 32
B.Pharma 40.62 42.30 47.78 36.29 45

The report of the above mentioned organizations stated that MBA course made the pursuant of it, the most employable graduates with 54% overall demand.  Employability of MBA graduates has improved to a large extent. Improvement in employability has been seen in some other courses like B. Pharma, Polytechnic, B.Com and BA courses etc. This improvement when estimated found to be more than 15%.  Not every course progressed in employability but the major progress is seen in MBA. Decline in employability is seen in courses like B.Tech, Engineering, MCA, and in other Technical & Computer-related courses.

Many institutes have mentioned that the MBA is the sole degree that teaches students about the overall working of an organization and companies. “MBA institutes are industry-driven which makes their curriculum Flexible and adaptive to changing market demands.” Sougata Roy Choudhary, Executive director of CII mentioned in his statement. It is further added by Roy Choudhary “With greater exposure to industry and technology-led learning tools, the employability percentage of the youth has gone up.” According to the India Skills Report 2020, there has been a positive move in employability trends in the last six years. The employability has increased from 33 % in 2014 to around 47 % in 2019 and it can be supposed that it will certainly move positively ahead as well.

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