More than four lakh students left UP Board Exam till now

According to official estimates, over four lakh students have left the Uttar Pradesh Board Examinations for High School and Intermediate sections till now. The examination started from 18 February, and it will be concluded on 6 March. From the 18 Feb to 27 Feb almost 4,12,000 students have left the exam.

Almost total 970 students have been absent in a high school exam on Monday, and the number of absent students are more than high school, almost 4,398 students left the Intermediate examination.

The total 30,25,442 registration have been filed for the High school (Class 10th) and 25,86,427 for the Intermediate (Class 12th).The total number of students 6,60,000 that had left the last year examinations. And in the 2018 almost 12,50,000 students had left the examination, according to officials statement till the end of this year examination the number of absent students will increase  

The Authorities of UP Board Examination are also keeping a tight security to prevent fraud using CCTV cameras and by the manual surveillance. During an interview secretary of UP Board Neena Srivastava has told to the media person that any kind of unfair uses are totally restricted, 193 students have caught for cheating during the exam the FIR has been registered by the police against 18 students and 77 other’s people.

For the sensitive marked districts the administration has arranged stitched and coloured sets of answer sheet. The coloured answer sheets help to prevent the tampering with written copies. The exam of High School is going to finish on 3rd March and the Intermediate Exam will conclude on 6th March.

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