73 thousand students fell for JEE Advanced, read full news

Dehradun, JNN The trend of student-students is visible in JEE Advanced. This time around 2.45 lakh examiners who got better marks in JEE Main were to get registered for advance. It has registered only one lakh 73 thousand students. About 72 thousand students have not registered for advance after being selected for JEE advance.

Experts say this is the first time that even after being selected for JEE Advanced in the JEE Main Ranking, students have not registered. This figure is very big and it is very scary. According to DK Mishra, Director of Continuous Classes, there are 11,279 seats in 23 IITs across the country. All other reservations, including SC-ST, OBC, Divyang, are also applicable. Apart from this, some courses are unpopular too. Competition in this situation is very strict. Getting the desired branch in top of IIT is not easy. This is the reason students have backed out. Explain, the prestigious examination of Engineering is given in 23 IITs across the country through JEE-Advanced. At the same time, JE-Men gets admission in 31 NIT, 23 Tipple IT and 23 GFTTI seats in approximately 25 thousand seats. About 35 thousand students get admission in IIT, NIT, Triple IT and GFTi.

35 percent marks required

In order to qualify for JEE Advanced, the candidates of general category will get minimum 35 percent marks. The organizer of the exam organizer IIT Roorkee has issued a cutoff. Candidate candidates are required to get 10 percent marks. Overall cut-offs for candidates of Other Backward Classes and poor Senior Quota candidates are 31.5% while subject matter is 9% marks. SC-ST and physically handicapped applicants will be given an overall 17.5 and subject-wise five percent marks. JEE Advanced will be organized on 27th May. The results will be released on June 14.

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