CBSE Board Exam 2022

The Central Board of Secondary Education 2022  Exam has announced the dates for the first phase of the 10th, 12th board exams to be started for the first time. Apart from this, CBSE has also issued the admit card of all the students of classes X, XII. Due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the country this year, between March and June, examinations of crores of students were canceled, including board examinations.

In many states including the Central Board of Secondary Education 2022,  (CBSE), all the students were promoted on the basis of their past performance by cracking the 10th and 12th examinations. During this, the Board of Education and The students also had to go through hardships and stress.

In such a situation, to avoid these troubles, CBSE has prepared a framework to conduct the board examinations in two phases. For this, the board will first organize the first term exam which will be based on the optional exam pattern. As per the information, the datesheet for these exams has been released. Apart from this, their admit card has also been made available to the students. CBSC Board Exam 2022, Thus, for the first time, For these board exams, the expert faculty of has prepared a series of some important questions.

 While the examinations of class X students will start from November 30, the first term examination of class XII students will be started from December 1, 2021. These exams will be completed by December 11 and December 22 respectively. OMR sheets will be provided to the students to answer the questions asked in this exam.

All exams for practice before  Sample answer sheets have been delivered to the centres. Often many students think of optional exams as easy, whereas in reality, objective exams are much tougher than subjective exams because in such exams the candidate has to give accurate answers. CBSE Board Exam 2022

Board’s optional exam will be for the first time, keep these things careful

 CBSE Board Exam  2022 Student of 10th, 12th will give the exam in alternate medium for the first time. In such a situation, students must keep these important things in mind while solving the question paper.

First read each question carefully, then answer. Many times, many close alternatives are also kept in the answer of the question and the candidates get confused or in a hurry, considering the logical answer to be correct and choose the same option which is actually wrong.

While reading the question, students should not focus on the answer but should try to solve the answer of the question on their own before choosing the options. By doing this the students will almost come close to the answer.

In the optional exam, students will not have to waste much time on one question. Because 50 questions will have to be answered in these 90 minutes exam. That is, only 1.8 seconds will be given to solve each question. In such a situation, time management will play the most important role.

The format of the OMR sheet will be like this

The answer booklet to be provided to the students of the Board will not only have 4 options for answering it, apart from this a circle and a box will also be present in front of each question after every 4 alternative answers. Where the box will be used to replace the given answer,

Whereas the fifth circle will have to be used by the students to confirm that the students do not know the answer to this question. Hence this not-attempted circle has to be filled. Failure to do so will result in the question being declared invalid. Explain that before the exam, schools will make students practice filling and answering this sample sheet. For this, all the school administrations have already been informed by the board.

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