Delhi University employee not getting a salary.

Delhi University employee not getting salary

Delhi University employee; not getting a salary, Teachers of various colleges also alleged that they have not been paid regular salary since 2019 and said that around 1,200 teachers of these colleges are finding it difficult to survive.

Teachers of 12 colleges of Delhi University (DU), funded by the Delhi government, on Sunday threatened to “completely shut down Delhi University” and took to the streets in protest, alleging that they have not received salaries for November 2021.

Delhi University employee; not getting a salary, the teachers of Delhi University and employees of various colleges of DU are not getting their salaries since November 2020. 12 of these colleges get full funding from the Delhi government. The colleges say they are unable to pay salaries due to non-payment of grants by the AAP-led Delhi government.

The teachers and staff of Delhi University are managing their savings and daily expenses as they have not received a salary since November 2020. This includes professors – both permanent and non-permanent and teaching contract-based staff. The reason given by the colleges is the non-payment of grants by the AAP-led Delhi government.

Teachers and staff who depend on their savings

The issue of non-payment of salary remains a constant one. Teachers of Delhi University said that this problem has persisted for more than two years. More than 1500 teachers and 2000 staff members have had to depend on their savings to survive. One of the most hit colleges of Delhi University is Maharaja Agrasen College.

History teacher Bhupendra Chaudhary told that he has not received his salary since June. However, after several letters and pleas by his group of teachers, he got only one month’s salary. He is waiting to get his salary for the remaining months.

According to the professor, who does not wish to share his name, non-permanent teachers and non-teaching staff are facing problems with managing daily expenses. Many contract-based employees in many colleges are facing real struggle as they get a salary of only Rs 15000 per month.

Neenu Kumar, associate professor of Aditi Mahavidyalaya, said that her salary was given only after she got angry. However, he is told that this is the only grant that has been provided to the college by the Delhi government. It is possible that in the coming month they may face salary crisis again.

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