CBSE Board Exam 2020 passes marks for class 10th & 12th students.

Here, the biggest news is that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has changed the exam pattern of the Class X and XII exams by 2020 and disclosed the subject-wise maximum and minimum marks for these two classes. Theory and Practical/Project/Internal Assessment.  According to the ground report which is a concern by the CBSE Board, to pass the class 12th, students have to get at least 33% marks in theory and 33% marks in Practical/Project/Internal Assessment in addition to 33% marks in aggregate in each subject.

In order to pass the examination, class 10th, students also have to obtain an overall 33% marks in each subject, both theory and practical/internal assessment taken together.

As per the information available on the official website of the Board, the CBSE class 10th & 12th practicals and projects will be held from January 01, 2020 to February 07, 2020. The main papers of class 12 will also start in the month of February 2020. The CBSE board examination result 2020 for class 10 and class 12 will be announced on May 2 and May 6.

The Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar had expressed his concern, in order to clear the education system of re-learning. It said it official that the new exam pattern would give more priority on analytical abilities rather than re-learning.

Practical exams and project assessments will be taken in the respective schools of a candidate. However, the external and internal examiner will be there. Board will appoint the external examiner and an observer for the same this is only for class 12th, in the case of class 10th, no external examiner will be appointed by CBSE/Directorate of NCC. It will remain an internal assessment.

The students’ marks will be uploaded on the official website of the CBSE after Practical/Project/ Internal Assessment components for Class 10 and Class 12 by the School.  There will be an EXAM of 80 Marks and the student must have to obtain at least 27 marks in theory in each subject. Another hand in Practical/Project/ Internal Assessment students must obtain at least 7 marks in each subject in addition to 33% marks in aggregate in each and every subject.

An application link will be provided to the schools for updating the 01 group photograph of each batch during the practical examination. All candidates, external examiner, an internal examiner of that batch must be in a group photo. All faces should be clear visibility in a photograph. The photograph should be taken in the laboratory where practical exams are being held and the laboratory should also must crystal clear in photographs.

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