Institute cannot hold students documents and fee amount if they want to withdraw their admission; AICTE said


The formal technical education in India started in the mid of 19th Century.  In the pre Independent the major education policy initiative in 1902 appoint the Indian University Commission, in 1904 issue the India education policy resolution and in 1913 the Governor General’s policy that stressing the technical education importance and started establishment of premier institution in India like, IISc Bangalore, Institute of Sagar, Textile & Leather technology Kanpur, NCS in Bengal and several industrial schools in different province in India. In 1943 Constitution of the Technical Education Committee of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) to prepare the sergeant report and CABE submitted the report in 1944. On the basis of report All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) formed in November 1945 as national level apex advisory body. That time the role of AICTE was to conduct the survey about technical education facilities available to promote the development of the country in integrated manner and to ensure the same, as stipulated in the National Policy of Education (1986), AICTE was vested with:

• Statutory authority for planning, formulation, and maintenance of norms & standards
• Quality assurance through accreditation
• Funding in priority areas, monitoring, and evaluation
• Maintaining parity of certification & awards
• The management of technical education in the country

Now the AICTE is one of authority body in Indian education system. There are 10992 institutes under AICTE approved with 3285018 intakes and 102054 faculties member with several courses. 

All India council for Technical Education (AICTE) tells all technical institution and college in India to refund total fee to students who wants to withdraw admission before 10 November 2020. Earlier different institutions made their own rules and regulations for refund of the fee, when students want to withdraw their admission.

AICTE member secretary Rajeev kumar mention that the council had taken this decision due to COVID-19 pandemic. Country is going through National emergency due to COVID-19 the situation have become worst, so indeed it is a remarkable decision take by the AICTE for the welfare of the students and their parents.

Students who wish to withdraw their admission, if they can withdraw their admission before 10th November 2020 and their whole amount of fee will be refundable after deducting Rs.1000/- only as processing charge by the technical institution. If the students who wish to withdraw their admission after 10 November 2020 and their seat is allotted to another students till 15th November 2020 they will be refunded after deducting Rs.1000/- procession fee and some part of tuition and hostel fee, the rest of the amount will be refunded. If till 15th November 2020 the vacate seat is not going to fill then Institute will refund only security deposit amount and more over the technical institution have to return all the documents of the students who withdraw their admission then and there.

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