JEE Main Exam: This student of Lucknow has Scored 18 percentile in January 19, & 99 percent in April 19 Exam

The JEE Main exam was organized twice a year by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The JEE Main exam in January and April proved to be a golden opportunity for some students. Because the students who did not score well in January, they surprised everyone with their numbers in the month of April. Something similar has been done by Mohammed Muzammil Ahmed of Lucknow, who achieved 99.2 percentile in his JEE Main examination in April due to his hard work and passion.

Let me tell you, 19-year-old Mohammed was involved in the JEE Men’s examination held in January. In which he had obtained 18.39 percentile. This is the first time that the JEE Main Exam is being held twice a year.

On the other hand, when Mujammil saw his number in the JEE Main in January, he became very upset. His brother said that in three months Mujammil showed what happened in any movies and stories. It is true that his performance in January was quite disappointing. But with hard work and diligence, they surprised everyone by achieving 99.22 percentile.

FIITJEE, Lucknow’s Center Head, NK Dubey said that “Muzmil has proved by its best performance that there is nothing impossible for you if you have the right guidance, correct support, determination and hard work.

Let us tell you, in the JEE Main Examination this January and April, a total of 6,08,440 candidates were included in which 2,97,932 have improved their performance. Everyone is aware of Mohammed Muzammil Ahmed of Lucknow, how he has achieved 99.2 persetil from 18 persetil for a fight.

Mujammil told that his father Mohammad Shafiq Ahmed’s earnings of the month is 16 thousand rupees. In such a situation, he has spent the expenses of my expenses and coaching with great difficulty. Even after being financially weak, father has never refused anything. He told me my uncle uncle Mohammad Naved financially cooperate, in this way, he gives us financial support. Because of their support, I have studied in coaching. Let me tell you, Mujammil’s schooling is from City Montessori School of Rajendra Nagar. He had achieved 94% marks in Class X and 89% in Class XII.

Such was the preparation of the exam

Mujammil loves playing football. He told that he wanted to join the navy. My family and my uncle wanted me to be a career ahead in the engineer. After that I have started preparing for the JEE Main exam.

He said initially there was no Sirius for the January test. Because of which my preparations were not anything special. But after poor performance and poor results, my family members reminded me that my uncle takes full charge of my studies, so do not waste his money while doing negligence. After which I started working hard. Today the result is in front of everyone. Now I am preparing for JEE advanced Exam.

Let me tell you, JEE Main’s first examination was held from January 8 to January 12. The second examination to be conducted in April was conducted in 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

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