Krea University

Krea University is one of the top private universities in India. It’s established in 1970 and private state university supported by the International Federation of Medical Research (IFMR). It’s in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, India. The university offers undergraduate programmes in the trades, lores, and humanities. Likewise, Krea University offers postgraduate and doctoral- position operation programmes. The UGC accepts all of its degree programmes.

The two seminaries mentioned over give three- time BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons) programmes, while the three centres unite with government and international agencies to develop strategies and break complex growth- related challenges. The university has a well- equipped library and offers scholars hospices, sports, and recreational installations. Krea University’s top mates include Stanford University, Deakin University, Berkeley Global, and the Ministry of Rural Development. To know further about Krea University, in this blog, we will read about Krea University. Click Here.

Krea University Vision

• The detail of Krea University is to support humanity in preparing for an changeable world.

• This is achieved through rigorous and interdisciplinary disquisition and education that continuously feeds the design of Simple Knowledge.

• As a result, we enable high-implicit individualities to learn how to have a positive, catalytic impact in an ethical manner.

KreaUniversuty Admission Process

Krea University accepts operations online. Campaigners applying for admission to Krea University must be under the age of 21 on August 1, 2021. Still, in exceptional circumstances, the university may admit campaigners over the age of 21.

Campaigners who have taken the American College Testing ( ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) are encouraged to include their scores on the operation forms. Campaigners will admit verified admission offers if their scores are considered advanced in merit.

Krea University Undergraduate Course

Admission to undergraduate programmes similar as BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons) is grounded on merit and the Krea Immersive Case (KIC). The KIC consists of case study donations, reflection essays, group conversations, donation and exchanges, and group conversations.

Krea University Postgraduate Course

Krea University MBA admission 2021 is grounded on a seeker’s percentile/ score in the CAT, XAT, NMAT, CMAT, GMAT, or GRE. Campaigners will be chosen grounded on their performance in the University’s WAT (Written Capability Test) and Particular Interview.

Krea University PhD Course

Admission to Krea University’s PhD programmes is grounded on a UGC NET score, followed by operation webbing and a particular interview. The final selection of campaigners will be grounded on the sum of their written test and interview scores.

How to Apply for Krea University

Step-1:  Register to Apply

Register on the application portal by entering basic information and verifying your email address and mobile number. The 2020 – 21 admissions cycle application portal is now open.

Step-2: Complete the Application

Applicants must fill all the sections of the online application form

Section 1:  Personal story

Section 2: Academic section

Section 3: Extra-curricular section

Section 4: Personal details

Section 5: Additional Information

Step 3: Submit the form

To proceed with the evaluation and admissions process, the applicant must submit the completed form along with a Rs. 500 application fee payment.

Krea University Eligibility Criteria for UG Courses

The following are the minimal eligibility conditions for applying to Krea’s undergraduate programme, which begins in August 2021.

  • Aspirant must be in Grade XII or original, or have passed Grade XII or original in their home country.
  • The aspirant must be under the age of 21 on August 1, 2021. In exceptional circumstances, aspirants over the age of 21 may be considered.
  • There are no restrictions on the Board of Study, which means that aspirants from all Boards, including ISC, CBSE, State Boards, IB, Cambridge International A situations, and other Transnational Examination Boards, are welcome to apply.

The following programs apply to International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International A situations

1. Scholars in both the IB Diploma and the IB Course (i.e., IB Certificate) are eligible to apply if they’ve earned a minimum of 24 credits and passed at least three subjects at Advanced Position (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL) (SL).

2. Scholars with Cambridge International A situations must have completed a minimum of three subjects in order to apply.

Aspirants who have taken standardised tests that assess the pupil holistically, similar as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing (ACT), are encouraged to include their results in the operation form. Similar scores are taken into account if they indicate an advanced position of merit than the XIIth Board test results. Aspirants may admit verified admission offers in similar cases. Read the section on the Selection Process for further information.

Krea’s College Board Designated Institution (DI) law is 7632. Indian scholars can shoot their test results to Krea University for free by using their sanctioned College Board account.

To apply, there’s no minimal cut-off score or adulterous achievement needed.

Krea University Eligibility Criteria for PG Courses

  • To take Admission in Krea University PG courses the seeker age has to be between 1 Jan 1994 and 31 Dec 2001.
  • Have minimal 60 in standard 10th, th and Scale.
  • Have 0-36 months in work experience.
  • Have given any Competitive examinations like CAT, XAT, GMAT, NMAT, CMAT, GRE
CAT 75 Percentile
XAT 75 Percentile
GMAT 85 Percentile
NMAT 220 Percentile
CMAT 85 Percentile
GRE 85 Percentile
  • Aspirants must be graduates of a full-time degree program or campaigners in their final time of an undergraduate degree. According to the UGC policy and announcement, campaigners from ODL (Open and Distance Learning) institutions are also eligible to apply.
  • Aspirants must have valid results from one (or further) of the competitive examinations listed in the eligibility criteria. The stylish score from among the entrance test scores handed by the aspirant will be considered, subject to meeting the eligibility cut off.
  • Work experience is not mandatory, The admissions process is divided into two rounds, Round 1 and Round 2, and candidates with work experience ranging from 0 to 36 months can apply in either round.

Krea University Courses & Fee Structure

Krea University offers three- time full- time BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons) programmes, with the option of continuing studies for a fresh time, i.e. a fourth time for Advanced Studies. Krea university undergraduate programmes are available in the trades, lores, and humanities.

Campaigners must study core courses and skill courses in the first and alternate times of the UG programme, while campaigners must choose major/ minor courses in the third and fourth times ( voluntary).

Likewise, Krea University offers postgraduate and doctoral programmes in operation. The University also offers an Administrative MBA programme for L&T Construction directors.

Courses Fee (Per Annum)
BA (Hons) EconomicsLiteratureSocial StudiesPolitics & HistoryBusiness Studies     7,10,000 (per year)
BSc (Hons) Computer ScienceMathematicsPhysicsChemistryBiological Sciences     7,10,000 (per year)
MBA Data Science & Information SystemsMarketingFinanceHRMStrategic Management   13,86,000
PhD According to University regulations

• The periodic education figure is INR (subject to modification every time)

• Average periodic living charges-INR (subject to modification every time)

• The admissions figure is INR at the time of acceptance.

• INR is a one-time refundable deposit (outstanding in investiture 2 of trimester 1)

Krea University Krea Immersive Case(KIC)

The Krea Immersive Case is designed to estimate an aspirant’s rates that shine through in an interactive, hands-on setting. In addition, the case experience gives aspirants a regard of Krea’s Simple Literacy approach in action. To know further about KIC Entrance Test Click Then.

The Krea Immersive Case is made up of the following factors:

Case study– donation Our faculty presents the case to the KIC scholars. Generally, these cases punctuate an ongoing or applicable content for the aspirants. Scholars are encouraged to understand the colorful perspectives mentioned in the case study by using the cases.

Reflectionessays- Aspirants reflect on the case study by writing about their studies on it.

Group Discussion– Donation Aspirants work in groups to meditate and propose results to problems encountered in the case study, and also present their findings to a panel of faculty and admissions platoon members.

Exchanges– Aspirants have conversations with a panel of faculty and admissions platoon members.

Krea University KIC Entrance Test Eligibility

• The aspirant must be in Grade XII or original in their home country of study or have passed Grade XII or analogous in their home country of study.

• On August 1, 2021, the aspirant must be under the age of 21. We may consider aspirants over the age of 21 in extraordinary circumstances.

• Aspirants from all Boards, including ISC, CBSE, State Boards, IB, Cambridge International A situations, and other Transnational Examination Boards, are eligible to apply.

• The programs listed below apply to the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International A situations.

Krea University Scholarship Scheme:

Krea university literacy are awarded to scholars grounded on their family’s periodic income:

  • Lower than INR Tuition freights of over to 100 per cent, which may also include living charges, depending on factual income and other applicable parameters
  • INR Education freights can range from 25 to 75, depending on factual income and other factors.

Krea University Placement

Krea University has been offering the MBA programme in Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, Operations, Human Coffers, and Strategic Management, with fresh specialisations in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), and Data Lores (Business Analytics).

Krea University Placement of 2018-20 batch

The final placement report for the MBA class of 2018-20 was lately released by the university. The university’s average payment package increased by 10 this time, rising from INR.8.67 lacs per annum the former time to INR.9.41 lacs per annum this time.

Krea University placement loftiest payment package fell sprucely in comparison to the former time, with the 2020 batch earning the loftiest CTC of INR.13.6 lacs per annum. The median payment for a two- time MBA was INR9.50 lacs per time.

The top 10 of the batch earned a normal of INR.12.86 lacs per time, while the top 50 earned an normal of INR.10.6 lacs per time. Campaigners with experience earned an normal of INR. 10 lacs per time, while freshers earned a normal of INR.8.9 lacs per time.

Krea University top recruiters

NZ, Bank of America, Barclays, Crisil, GIC Housing Finance, HDFC Bank, ICICI Prudential Life, SocieteGenerale, IDFC First Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Deloitte USI, Ernst & Young, and others were among the top babe.

Krea University Infrastructure

Library The library has a large collection of over books on operation, social lores, literature, and other motifs. In addition, the library has over 105 Indian and transnational print journals and over 4500e-journals available through online databases. In addition, the library has a different collection of Audio-Visual accoutrements in the form of CD-ROMs and DVDs. It has subscriptions to six online databases that give access to statistical information about the assiduity and companies.

Dining Experience:

To promote healthy eating, Kreaemphasises a balanced and wholesome diet. The dining hall offers a different selection of multi-regional and multi-cultural cookery. Scholars can also try their hand at organic husbandry and cuisine to develop a more intimate relationship with food.

Supported Learning Experience:

Krea uses slice- edge technology to give scholars with a flawless lot experience. For scholars to keep up with digital literacy trends, we also use forthcoming virtual reality ande-learning tools. Academic block spaces, forum halls, wisdom labs, maker’s labs, and media labs each contribute to a better literacy experience.

Hostel Room:

Scholars from colorful backgrounds and perspectives are housed in the domestic installation. Our lot is an intriguing place to spend your pupil times because of its diversity.

The three gender-specific domestic halls feature comfortable particular living spaces and common areas to encourage further commerce among scholars.

On a binary-sharing base, scholars are handed with air- conditioner apartments with an attached bath.

Apartments are equipped with everything you need, including a hut, mattress, bedsheets, pillows, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, and a study table with a president.

Each room has a well- equipped tiled restroom that’s gutted daily by an effective housekeeping staff.

Every domestic palace has a common chesterfield where scholars can socialise. There are separate recreational couches for boys and girls, each with a refrigerator and fryer roaster, a Television room, a bathroom, and other amenities similar as laundry service.

The lot is kept safe and secure by a robust round-the- timepiece security system that includes CCTV surveillance.

Sports & Recreation:

Physical exertion is a big part of life at Krea, and it shows in the lot of design. Inner badminton courts, basketball courts, futsal, football courts, justice nets, open athletic fields, and inner table tennis are available to scholars.

Krea University Reviews

Ashish Sharma-Placements: For the 2021 batch, 1 student chose not to participate in placements, and 1 student was placed off-campus. Our college is attempting to place one student who has yet to be placed. The remaining students were all placed. The highest salary package available here was 17.4 LPA, and the lowest was around 5 LPA-6 LPA. The average remuneration package was 10 LPA. Top recruiting firms in the area include Wells Fargo, Deloitte USI, JPMC, Citi, and others.

Umesh Kumar-Hostel and campus facilities are above average, with adequate infrastructure and a library. The hostel’s internet connection is a source of concern. The food and other amenities are excellent. For lunch and dinner, we used to have a mix of south Indian and north Indian dishes. There is a student-run restaurant on campus, as well as stationary for immediate use.

Salil Mukherjee-Faculty: The faculty members have extensive experience in their field. The majority of the faculty members have extensive industry experience. The course structure has been designed to prepare you for the workplace.

Satya Hari-Placements: According to my knowledge, the placements are good here. A variety of micro and macro factors influence placement. Last year’s placements were strong, with companies offering an average salary package ranging from 8.50 LPA to 9 LPA. JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, CRISIL, HDFC, Yes Bank, ICICI, and Northern Arc were among the financial firms that visited the campus for placements.


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