CBSE Exam 10th and 12th examination date is announced; check the full schedule here

CBSE Exam 10 & 12 Schedule

CBSE Exam; The Central Board of Secondary Education is known as CBSE. The Indian Union Government manages and regulates CBSE, a national education body for both public and private schools in India. All connected schools are required by CBSE to use exclusively NCERT curricula. There are over 27,000 schools in India, and 220 of those institutions are associated with the CBSE, which is recognised in 28 different countries.

CBSE Overview

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), by an official announcement, revealed the schedule for the 2023 board exams on Thursday. At this time, the comprehensive board sheet can be found on the official CBSE website

CBSE Exam Dates

According to the official notification, the CBSE board exams 2023 for class 10 will begin on February 15, 2023, and end on March 21, 2023.The board exams for class 12 will also occur between February 15, 2023, and April 5, 2023. The first exam will start at 10:30. Although a few tests will only last two hours and end at 12:30 pm, most tests will take three hours and conclude at 1:30 pm.

Exams will be administered as a single board by CBSE, as opposed to two boards in 2022. As previously mentioned, the board exams for the current academic year (2022-23) will take place in February 2023. Additionally, the tests will henceforth be administered using the entire syllabus, just like in the years before the pandemic.

According to the official notification, the Board created the schedule taking the dates of competitive tests, such as the JEE Main exam, into account. These datesheets were created by avoiding approximately 40,000 subject pairings to guarantee that no student’s two subject exams will occur on the same day.

The CBSE will provide Class 10 and 12 students 15 minutes to read their exam papers. Candidates looking for further details on this subject should visit the CBSE website. By going to the official internet page of the CBSE, students who are taking the board test can access the datasheets.

And this time, the number of kids registered for the CBSE Class 10th and 12th board exams is said to be over 35 lakh.

CBSE Notifications

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