Total Fee: INR 900000
1st year fee 450000.00
2nd year fee 450000.00


Placement: Our college offers excellent placement chances all over the world. Our seniors have been appointed to high-ranking positions in both the governmental and commercial sectors. Several of them have taken numerous intergovernmental aptitude tests and performed admirably. Infrastructure: The infrastructure at our college is excellent and modern. The main academic building is beautifully constructed and laid out. The hostels are up to international standards. We have a world-renowned library and reading room. We have a swimming pool that is Olympic-sized. Faculty: Our faculty is highly competent, with degrees from major ivy league colleges and degrees from all over the world. The majority of them have completed their Ph.D. Despite their excellent qualifications, they are really approachable and nice to us. They are dedicated to their profession and deliver high-quality information.
(Aryan Shukla - 24-Aug, 2021)
ROI Campus Life Placements Facilities
Placement: Seniors have been placed in governmental organisations, government organisations, foreign country embassies, and think tanks so far. The CDPD department is in charge of student placement. Students, on the other hand, can apply to a variety of places on their own. Internships are required at our university, and they aid in the development of good CVs. Internships are available in a variety of settings, including international and national non-governmental organisations, government agencies, think tanks, and embassies. Infrastructure: The best infrastructure is provided by the university. It also ensures 24 hour electricity and continuous running water, in addition to the basic demands of cleanliness and a safe atmosphere. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled, and students have access to the best e-library available.
(Praagya Singh - 24-Aug, 2021)
ROI Campus Life Placements Facilities
Faculty: The faculty consists of a mix of Indian and international professors. In fact, the student-to-faculty ratio is 30:1. Professors employ a variety of instructional techniques. Students have access to the teachers at all times. While on campus, there is also a lot of exposure. During the internship time, you may work with any professor.
(Dikshita Nakra - 24-Aug, 2021)
ROI Campus Life Placements Facilities
Placements: Approximately 100/150 people out of 600 are hired. Many students, on the other hand, refuse to take the placement test. Many leading companies, such as Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Trilegal, and AZB, recruit, although the percentage of hires is low. There are primarily business positions available, as well as litigation chances. Infrastructure: Excellent educational facilities are available. A large library, reading area, and e-resources are available. The classrooms are large, and the Wi-Fi is quick. The hostel has the air of a three-star hotel, including room service and a good canteen.
(Abdul Hadin - 24-Aug, 2021)
ROI Campus Life Placements Facilities


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